I have a PhD degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. I have also completed my training at the International Center of Photography in New York and the École National Superieure des Beaux Art in París. My art work has been recognized with the granting of a Fulbright Scholarship for Further Artistic Studies in the US , a photography scholarship at the Colegio de España in Paris and the Photography Prize from the Cultural Magazine El Cultural (the main cultural Magazine in Spain) among others. I have shown my work internationally in New York City, Paris, Athens, Porto, Amsterdam and Tokyo. For several years I have been combining my artistic career with university teaching and commercial photography.


ANECA Accreditation: all categories

Phd in Photography at Madrid Complutense University (UCM). Thesis title: “Individual and Photomontage. The concept of Individual Through Technological Images”, 2009. Revised and published in English in 2014 by Scholar Press.

MFA Studies at the International Center of Photography, New York, 2004 – 2005.

Bachelor in Fine Arts specialized in Artes de la Imagen (Photography and Video). Drawing II Department (Photography, Design and Video) at UCM.

Diploma de Estudios Avanzados (Advanced Research Studies Diploma). Drawing II Department (Photography, Design and Video) at UCM, 2002.

Certificate in Teaching Skills (CAP). UCM. 2002.


  • Teacher of Graphic Design. Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, Corporate Communation, Multimedia and Graphic Design Bachelors (2022…)
  • )Teacher of Technical English. Illustration and Photography Vocational Training (2019-2020). Instituto Europeo Di Design
  • Teacher of Introduction to Computer Graphics. Communication Bachelor (2018-). CIS Endicott Internacional 
  • Teacher of Image, Image Workshop, Digital Photography, and Animation Workshop. Supervisor of Master’s Final Projects (2018 -2019). Universidad Internacional de la Rioja.
  • Teacher of Design for Television. Bachelor in Design (2017-2018). Universidad Internacional de la Rioja.
  • Teacher of the Moving Images Workshop. Bachelor in Design (2016-2017). Universidad Internacional de la Rioja.
  • Teacher of the Moving Images. Bachelor in Design (2015-2017). Universidad Internacional de la Rioja.
  • Photographic courses for the Departments of Ballistics, Traces and Site Inspection of the Guardia Civil (National Police Force). Hitic – Consulting and Training.
  • Teacher of Computer Assisted Instruction in English. Bachelor in Education. Universidad Camilo José Cela
  • Teacher of  Communication Technology (2013-2017). Bachelor in Education. Universidad Camilo José Cela
  • Teacher of Digital Image Processing and Photography (2013-2015) . Bachelor in Fashion Design. ESNE: Design and Innovation University.
  • Teacher of  Digital Photography  (2012-2014). Bachelor in Graphic and Multimedia Design. ESNE: Design and Innovation University.
  • Teacher of  Digital Image Processing (2011-2012). Bachelor in Visual Design of Digital Contents. Technology and Digital Art University (U-tad).
  • Teacher of  Photography  II (2008-2010). Bachelor in Fine Arts. Francisco de Vitoria University.
  • Teacher of Photographic Applications and Photographic Image (2008-2010). Degree of Image. CETYS-Francisco de Vitoria University.
  • Teacher of Digital Photography (2007-2010). Bachelor in Media Communication. Francisco de Vitoria University.
  • Teacher of Photographic Applications and Photographic Image (2006-2007). Degree of Image. CES- School of Image and Sound.
  • Pre-press and  Photograhic Retouching Technician. LA RAZÓN (2007-2008).
  • Reporter for the Editorial Group BPMO. Photographic coverage for publications from Canal de Isabel II, Leroy Merlin, Roche Laboratories, Mitshubishi , ESADE Business School, among others. 2006…
  • Assistant of James Casebere, artist and photographer. New York, 2005
  • Photographer of the publications from Centro de Estudios Financieros (CES)  during 2004.
  • Marketing, Communication and Design Department. Pc City (2003-2004).
  • Photographer of the national advertising campaign of  Centro de Estudios Financieros (CES) for the academic year 2003-2004.
  • Honorary Collaborator of Mr Antonio Bueno Thomas, Photography Chairman. Fine Arts Faculty, UCM (2000-2003).
  • Honorary Collaborator of Mr. Valentín Sama López-Aranda, Associate Professor at Fine Arts Faculty, UCM, Technic Consultant, Founder of the Photographic Magazine  FV and Director of  DSLR Magazine (1999-2000).


  • Research Project: “The Use of Wikis in Artistic Higher Education”. First Education Congress, UCJC, 2014.
  • Member if the Research Team IAI (Image Study and Research). Universidad Francisco de Vitoria University , 2008-2010.
  • Fellowship, Sciences Faculty, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 2003-2004.
  • Research Placement at the Resource Center of the Fine Arts National School, Paris. 2001.


  • Symphonos 2016, Conde Duque Cultural Center, Madrid 2016.
  • Open Studio 2015, Madrid.
  • Symphonos 2015, Conde Duque Cultural Center, Madrid 2015.
  • Espejismos / Mirages. Mr. Pink Gallery, Valencia.
  • SUMMA Art Fair, Madrid, 2013.
  • XV Visual Arts Contest “Sala el Brocense”, Cáceres, 2013
  • XIII Photo Contest: City of Tomelloso, 2012.
  • CEC Visual Art Prize, Jerez 2012.
  • XIV Photographic Prize. Unicaja, Jaén and Malaga, 2011.
  • Photo Digital Contest, Gran Canaria, 2010.
  • UCM Young Visual Arti Prize . Museo de América, 2009.
  • Visual Arts Prize of the National University of Distance Learning (UNED), Cuenca, 2008.
  • Visual Arts Contest. Extremadura Savings Bank, Plasencia (Spain), 2008.
  • Mirador 07. Matadero´s Art Center, Madrid.
  • Visual Arts Contest. Castilla la Mancha Savings Bank, Toledo, 2007.
  • Canal Abierto 2007. Exhibition Hall of the Canal de Isabel II, Madrid.
  • Focus – Abengoa Foundation Prizes, Seville, 2006.La noche en BlancoDesvelados Cicle, Madrid, 2006.
  • Sports in Arts Biennial . National Council of Sports, Seville & Athens, 2005.
  • Scholars at the Colegio de España in París (2000-2003). San Fernando´s  Royal Academy of  Fine Arts and Cervantes Institute,  Madrid & París, 2005.
  • Canon Digital Contest 2003:
    • Technical University of Tokyo, 2003, Kyushu Sangyo University, 2003, Cobe’s Design University of Cobe (KDU Gallery), 2004, Digital House 01, Umeda, 2004.
    • PhotoEspaña in the Streets .PhotoEspaña, Madrid, 2003.
    • Young Creators Contests. Conde Duque´s Cultural Center, Madrid,  2003.
  • ARCO 2003, Madrid, 2003.
  • Circuitos 2002. Visual Arts Contest. Youth Art Gallery. Council of Education,  Madrid, 2003.
  • “Ninfomanías Infografías. Digital Poetics in the Digital Era”. Conde Duque´s Cultural Center, Madrid, 2001.
  • “EL PAÍS DE LOS TUERTOS” . Experimental Video, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, 2001.


  • In the City – Arte Lateral / Open Studio Award, 2016
  • Fotografies dels Senyors d’ Ahir. Carl and Aurelia Canaan Photographs. Cap Vermell Art Center, Cala Rajada . Mallorca, 2015. Technical curator.
  • Twin Gallery, Madrid, 2012.
  • FotoJaén. Photographic Biennale, 2011.
  • Copy-Foto Gallery, Madrid, 2008.
  • Marlborough Gallery, Madrid, 2004.
  • Youth Art Center, Madrid, 2004.
  • E.F.T.I. Gallery, Madrid 2001.


  • 2016 – Arte Lateral / Open Studio Award (Winner).
  • 2012 – One Shot Out – Urban Trip, Madrid, (Highly Commended)
  • 2012 – XIII Photo Contest: City of Tomelloso (Acquisition).
  • 2011 – XIV Photographic Prize. Unicaja (Acquisition).
  • 2010 – Gran Canaria Photo Digital Contest (First Prize).
  • 2009 – UCM Young Visual Arts Prize (Second Prize).
  • 2008 – UCM Young Visual Arts Prize (Finalist).
  • 2007 – Visual Arts Contest. Castilla la Mancha Savings Bank (Acquisition) .
  • 2004 – Winner of the IV Photographic Prize of the El Cultural of  El Mundo newspaper.
  • 2004 y 2003 – Young Creator Contests Town Hall of Madrid (Highly Commended).
  • 2003 –Prize of photography. University of Zaragoza (First Prize).
  • 2003 – Fulbright/MEC Grant for Further Studies in the United States 2004-2005.
  • 2003 – Adobe Systems Award. Canon Digital Contest 2003 (Winner).
  • 2001 – Photographic Scholarship at the Colegio de España,  París.


  • Fotografies dels Senyors d’ Ahir. Mallorca: Documenta Balear (2015).
  • Individual and Photomontaje. The Concept of Individual Through Technological Images. Saarbrüchen: Scholar’s Press (2014).
  • El Mundo (2-23-2012).
  • El Cultural de El Mundo (11-13-2008).
  • La Razón (2-24-2008).
  • El Cultural de El Mundo (2-28-2008).
  • El País (7-08-2007).
  • ABCD de las artes y las letras (12-03-2005).
  • El Cultural de El Mundo (10-18-2004).
  • El Cultural de El Mundo (7-22-2004).
  • El Cultural de El Mundo (11-14-2002).
  • El Cultural de El Mundo  (12-5-2001).


National Contemporary Art Museum Reina Sofia, Caja Castilla la Mancha Savings Bank, UCM Foundation, Cabinet of drawings (UCM), University of Zaragoza, Colegio de España (Department of Education), National Council of Sports, Unicaja Foundation, Tomelloso City Hall, One Shot Hotels, private collectors.


  • Founder member of Feedback devoted to the promotion of young artists (2004-2006).
  • Board Member of AVAM: Madrid´s  Visual Artist Association  (2008-2010).